Summer 2022 Kids Club...registration is now open!

We have a new registration system which will issue you with a confirmation email and ticket to bring when you arrive each day. Please note that the system requires you to register for each separate day - it streamlines our emergency contact info etc for the individual days, but we know it's a bit of extra hassle for you, sorry!

*NB. When you register a child/children for their first day, you, the adult, will receive a welcome email from the Hebron Website. Before you register them for other days go to your email inbox to look for it, and if you click through that email to set a password, you will be able to log in, then come back to register for other days. This will let the system autofill most of your details and save you a bit of typing! (You won't be signing up to receive any emails etc - unless we need to contact you specifically about Kids Club.)
Note that the details collected in the first section of the form are for the parent/guardian. Child details are entered in Step 2.
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