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April 24th Q27 Are all people, just as they were lost through Adam, saved through Christ? Peter
May 1st Q28 What happens after death to those not united to Christ by faith? Derek
May 8th Q29 How can we be saved? Ash
May 15th Q30 What is faith in Jesus Christ? Derek
May 22nd Q31 What do we believe by true faith? Phil
May 29th Q32 What do justification and sanctification mean? Ash
June 5th Q33 Should those who have faith in Christ seek their salvation through their own works, or anywhere else? Peter
June 12th Q34 Since we are redeemed by grace alone, through Christ alone, must we still do good works and obey God’s Word? Phil
June 19th Q35 Since we are redeemed by grace alone, through faith alone, where does this faith come from? Peter
June 26th Q36 What do we believe about the Holy Spirit? Derek


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