Bible Study Groups (2)
Bible Study Groups (small groups of about 10) meet to study the Bible, pray together, encourage and support one another.
They are a great way to get to know others in the church better and to delve deeper into God's Word together.

In October and November 2021 we will be using a study guide on 'Church'

"The Bible paints an exciting picture of the church. We will explore the rich and varied images the New Testament uses to describe God's people and we'll be encouraged and excited to play a part in what God is doing as we gather as a church week by week"

 "Church: enjoying God's masterpiece"

home groups oct21
Study guides will be available for collection on Sundays at church or can be delivered to your home

If you've not been part of a group before let us know which time you could join a Bible Study:

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 Wednesday Morning (in-person in church)  
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 Thursday Evening (probably zoom)
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