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LEGACY is a chance for teens to get to know one another and some young adults, to play wildly fun games (indoors or out), to hear a small talk, get involved in discussion and make new friends.



It is with great pleasure that the Inter-church Teens Group LEGACY announces a come back after two long years hiatus! 

LEGACY will be running from Wednesday August 10th-Friday August 12th, 7:00PM-10:00PM, drop off and pick up at Bon Accord Free Church. Teens ENTERING S1 in the autumn, up to teens ENTERING S6 in the autumn, are very welcome to join us for epic games in the dark! Cassia has had two years to create new mystifying games, and we hope you will be impressed...and not merely confused.

We will kick off each night with a crazy, full out mythical game that lasts an hour, (something like Capture the Flag in the dark with water balloons, Nerf guns, and sci fi music); and then close the night with snacks and a talk on the greatest hope we have in life, Jesus Christ. We love sharing game fun with you, and we love sharing these truths of the Gospel with you, and we hope you can make it! Don't forget to wear black and your running shoes!