Booking Seats postChurch Services - COVID19 beyond level zero

The church meets every Sunday at 11am for our Family Service and at 7pm for the Evening Service.
Please just come along on Sunday without worrying about booking in advance!

Seats in the sanctuary are arranged in rows of 4, 5 or 6. Please leave minimum one seat gap between households on the same row.

We have one section on the left of the sanctuary where the rows are further apart. If you would feel more comfortable sitting with more distancing, please email in advance and we will reserve a seat in that section for you.

Service Online
We are continuing to livestream the 11am services on the website so you can enjoy them at home when you are not able to come to the live service.

Children's activities will run during the 11am service - children should go upstairs with the grown-ups on arrival and then will head down to their own activities before the sermon part of the service.

It helps to arrive 15 minutes early to get a parking spot and seat in time for the service to start. 
Those attending at 11am should be aware that the service will be live-streamed on our website. Should you have any concerns about being identifiable on the screen please speak to a steward as there are areas off-camera where you could be seated.
We meet at our church building in the city centre. The address is: 
Hebron Evangelical Church
Summer Street
AB10 1RR
(See map)

You can expect a warm, socially distanced welcome, an impacting preach and a friendly bunch of people gathering to learn more about God. 

There will be hand sanitiser available at the doors and throughout the building.

Note that face coverings will be required inside the building for over 12s, unless exempt.
Anyone who is
  • vulnerable or at-risk due to health conditions or age
  • displaying symptoms of Covid-19
  • self-isolating due to living with someone who is displaying symptoms
  • as a result of contact tracing is staying at home to minimise the risk of spreading Covid-19
must not attend church; you should stay at home and continue to enjoy the online service provided. 

*Contact Tracing. From May 2020:

"9. For the purposes of contact tracing, a close contact is someone who has been physically close enough to the confirmed case for a long enough period of time, that they may have had the infection transmitted to them. For COVID-19, this includes everyone who has been less than 2 metres away from a confirmed case for 15 minutes or more. The risk of the disease being transmitted is higher the closer the contact, the greater the exposure to respiratory droplets (for example from coughing), or the longer the duration of the contact." 

** Hebron's Privacy Policy on information collected during registration process