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23rd July 

A few quick updates for you this week!

The new 1m-distancing guidelines for churches are in place as of Monday 19th, so we are now able to seat more people upstairs on Sunday mornings! While the children are still going straight to their own activities on arrival, we need less longer rows so most of our seats are set in twos now. There is one block of three - behind the lift and there are nine blocks of four which are on either side of the room. Those who need more than 4 can book one of the 4 pews at the back. So we now have room for 55 households to be seated in the service which is very exciting! There's no seating plan but do try to fill the room from the middle - mostly so that we can hear each other sing!

We look forward to seeing as many as are able to come, but we will still need to book our spaces, to ensure we can check everyone in on arrival.
The overflow in the side hall will still be available, with the livestream shown on the screen, if we need it. 

Our subject this week in our Marks of a Healthy Church series is "The Lord's Supper" so following the sermon we will be sharing communion together. You will be able to collect your individual cup on arrival, and you can look on the website under Latest Recordings for the wee video showing you how to use the cup!

Claire Brodie, our new mission-partner has arrived safely in Phuket, along with all her luggage! Give thanks for safe travels, for quick resolutions to delayed covid test results and for the processing of all the paperwork which had to be in place in time for her to fly. Pray for her as she waits for more covid test results in her hotel room, and then begins the next part of her journey.

We have two events on this week - on Tuesday afternoon we have an afternoon tea for the mainly music families - please pray that this will be a good opportunity to catch up and have good conversations with them. On Thursday evening, we're having a Church Soup Night. You can sign up to host, and some of your guests will bring along soup or bread, or you can sign up to go along somewhere (and offer to take soup or bread!) It's an informal chance to spend some time with one another over a simple meal - a much needed chance for some catch up and fellowship. Do sign up via the entry on the church website calendar, or reply to this email if that is easier! 

The Hill Walk planned for 7th August now has some details ready for you - the plan is to meet at the Kirkhill Forest Car park at 10am and do the Tappie Tower Walk. This is expected to be a gentle walk taking 1-1.5 hours. Bring some lunch with you and we can eat together at the top :-) There is room for more to join in, if these details help you to decide, so do add your name on the calendar entry on the website. See the flyer attached for more info on the walk.