Jubilee Street Party Summer St

Join us on Friday 3rd June to enjoy the festivities surrounding the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee as we celebrate with a Street Party Lunch, using the cobbled area outside Hebron (some indoor seating will be available!)

Help us prepare and serve one another on this occasion by signing up for one (or more) of the tasks below, there’s cutting out, sticking together, baking, sandwich making, table setting, coffee serving, decorating etc:

Decorations – before (material provided – collect from church)
Putting together paper chains
Stringing together bunting
Make cocktail stick flags

Decorations on the day
Blowing up balloons (we have a pump or two!)
Hanging decorations
Taking decorations inside to use again afterwards

Setting/tidying up on the day
Arranging tables and chairs
Preparing plates and cups etc and setting tables
Clearing up tables at the end, washing any non-disposables
Putting away tables and chairs
Food – take a paper plate from church and return it full on the day
Making sandwiches (on the day is best) Triangles – ¼ slice size. One plate holds 12-16 triangles
Making/bringing scones
Making/bringing cupcakes
Making/bringing shortbread/biscuits (try a bunting design!)

At the event
Greet and seat people as they arrive
Clearing and replenishing tables as needed (food plates and juice jugs)
Serving tea and coffee
Manning background music

Add your name on the sign-up clipboards in church wherever you would like to help, then look out for the things you might need to take home!