We all have a story to tell (Testimonies)

"Come and hear, all you who fear God, and I will tell what he has done for my soul" Psalm 66:16

Olivia's story
Olivia, 20/06/2021
Olly's story (Pt II)
Olly Livingstone, 23/05/2021
Olly's story (Pt I)
Evening Thought/Testimony from 16 May
Olly Livingstone, 16/05/2021
Tobi's Story
Testimony/Evening thought from 2 May
Tobi White, 02/05/2021
Peter's Story
Evening Thought/Testimony from 18 April
Peter, 18/04/2021
Lesley's story
Evening thought/Testimony from 21 March
Lesley Smith, 21/03/2021
Mairi's story
Evening thought/Testimony for 7 March
Mairi Hepburn, 07/03/2021
Mark's story
Evening thought for 21 February
Mark Buchan, 21/02/2021
Donald's story
Evening thought/Testimony for 7 February
Donald Thomas, 07/02/2021
Lisa's story
Evening thought for 31 January
Lisa Brown, 31/01/2021
Testimony - Jim
Evening thought for 24 January
Jim, 24/01/2021
Testimony - Miki
Miki Sun, 17/01/2021
Testimony - Alex
1 Peter 1:5–9
Alex Perrett, 10/01/2021
Willie's story
Evening thought for 3 January
Willie Harrison, 03/01/2021
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