Knowing God, Knowing Myself

Evening Sermons from October 2018

Faithfulness of God
Psalm 36:5-9; Lamentations 3:19-24
Willie Harrison, 16/12/2018
Shaped and Saved by the Humility of Christ
Philippians 2:1-11; The Only Way Up is Down; The Only Way In is Outside Us
Mark Brown, 09/12/2018
Knowing that God is Patient
2 Peter 3
Willie Harrison, 02/12/2018
Knowing that God is Love
John 15:9-17
Willie Harrison, 18/11/2018
Justice of God
All His actions are morally perfect, legally proper and honourable; His justice complements other attributes and relates to our salvation.
Andy Holt, 11/11/2018
The Holiness of God
Isaiah 6:1-8
Willie Harrison, 04/11/2018
God is Transcendent but Knowable
Job 38; Job 42:1-6
Willie Harrison, 21/10/2018
Knowing the Sovereign God
Daniel 4
Willie Harrison, 14/10/2018
God is Self-Sufficient
Acts 17:22-30
Duncan Ryan, 07/10/2018
Knowing God: Eternal and Unchanging
Bruce McLeod, 30/09/2018
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